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Turning of the Seasons

Fall has swooped in. I feel like a summer whirlwind went through my life. Where DID the season go?

Looking back, summer was filled with activities with both organizations I am involved in. So, no surprise, it FLEW by.

Highlights: Cooper's Crossroad celebrated its 5th anniversary with a heartwarming Farm Fest and Open House at Elm Farm. It was filled with laughter, great music, wonderful guests and inquisitive horses.

The organization also had the privilege of being a beneficiary of an Orchard Hill Breadworks Pizza Night. A very busy (400 pizzas served) and super, fun-filled evening... for me a late night. I arrived home at 10 p.m.—long after my usual bedtime, as I get up at 4 am.

I happily announced in the barn the next morning that I was done staying up "late" for the year. My early morning time is precious. Quiet communication with horses as I go through our daily routine feeds me courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion for the day.

Dusty Dog Farm also gave me plenty to do. Coaching, training, haying, showing and camps filled my dance card there.

Now as New England prepares to decorate its world with color, schools have opened their doors and Cooper's Crossroad has started Farming For Resilience.

Three things that make my heart jump with excitement and put a smile on my face:

  1. Seeing horses.

  2. Seeing horses and humans work as one.

  3. Seeing horses share their unique and precious teachings.

Farming For Resilience embodies #3, teaching the core values of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. The gift of authentic education that horses give us is clearly demonstrated in the FFR program.

Early September brought groups of students to Elm Farm for Farming For Resilience. Some were excited and some were filled with trepidation.

a yellow school bus is parked in front of a large white barn with green letters that say "Elm Farm"
A bus is ready to take Farming for Resilience participants back to school

The sessions, currently focusing on courage, fly by as students are introduced to the farm and herd, pick horses they feel most comfortable with, groom them and sometimes RIDE.

Bits of courage are seen throughout the sessions. Courage taking steps toward communicating with a large animal. Courage in trusting. Courage in leaning into learning. Courage in being vulnerable. Courage in every step taken. This courage is taken on by the students, by the volunteers, by the us. This courage overflows to everyday life.

So as the days shorten, leaves turn and the year grasps its last months, Farming For Resilience will continue to plant seeds of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.

two ponies run in a pasture bordered by trees with orange, red and yellow leaves
Ponies frolicking in an early fall pasture

Enjoy the wonder of autumn.

All the best,

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