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Welcome to Cooper's Crossroad's
Farming for Resilience
® Program!

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Incorporates the study of four important character values: courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion.

Physical Wellbeing

The combined outdoor and classroom experience promotes social, emotional and physical wellbeing.
Research shows the therapeutic value of Equine Facilitated Learning on the social-emotional development of children.
We support
The Farming for Resilience ® (FFR) extended learning opportunity program offers a multifaceted educational platform to students from public schools, private schools, home schools, and individuals. The benefits of this combined outdoor and classroom experience promote physical, social, and emotional wellbeing which builds competencies that guide individuals to lead productive lives into their adult years.


FFR students participate in equine facilitated activities including both ground work and riding.  Students also participate in activities from the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Curriculum™, pioneered by Scarlett Lewis (mother of Sandy Hook victim), which incorporates the study of four important character values: courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action.


Individuals learn about animal anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and welfare. Natural science is explored through gardening and hay production. Artistic expression is developed through painting, drawing, and creating murals together which help to support core values of the curriculum, and older students are encouraged to journal about their Farming for Resilience activities. We believe this unique program which blends equine facilitated activities, outdoor education, and artistic expression paves the way for students to improve their communication skills, interpersonal skills, and physical wellbeing.

What Farming for Resilience® Participants Say...

"I feel happy, I feel safe and my worries go away at Elm Farm. I trust my partner (horse), I take risks, I have fun and I laugh."

"At the farm these kids can just be kids and leave all their baggage behind, there is nothing better than that"

"After only our third Farming For Resilience session with the kids, the change in the demeanor of the kids is amazing!"

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