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Cooper's Crossroad at Elm Farm in Keene, NH

Cooper’s Crossroad initially operated out of Dusty Dog Farm in Keene since our establishment in 2017. However, our organization's rapid expansion demanded the acquisition of an additional facility.

On June 1, 2021, Cooper’s Crossroad transitioned to Elm Farm. Dating back to the early 1800s, Elm Farm boasts a rich history as a dairy farm, produce farm, and Elm tree research facility.

Spanning 25 acres of rolling meadows and bordered by an Elm Forrest, the farm's centerpiece barn provides an idyllic backdrop for our outdoor programs and events.


Currently housing five horses, a miniature mule, 45 chickens, three goats, and one sheep, Elm Farm bustles with daily activity, supported by a dedicated team of our barn manager and several volunteers who undertake tasks ranging from pasture maintenance to animal care.

We are grateful for our journey and look forward to continuing our growth as an organization.

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