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Shifting Seasons

I am well aware that I am one of many who is feeling "the end of summer" tug. That nostalgic pull as we all turn our eyes towards fall. Days shorten. School begins. A morning chill in the air reminds us that we do indeed live in New England.

This has been ONE BUSY season. And for every moment of chaos, confusion, joy, the general wildness that is my current life, I am grateful.

Three years ago this month, I was in treatment at Sierra Tucson, 30 days for PTSD/ Trauma. I am not going to say it was the BEST way to spend a summer was 115 F during the day and I was just barely on the backside of the lowest point in my life. But I am going to say, it was a HUGE game changer. I would recommend it to anyone who has hit rock bottom.

When I left there, I had a burning desire to help those (like myself) who lost hope....or never had it.

I had no idea what that meant at the time. Now Cooper's Crossroad is turning its eyes towards another year working with two schools. Joining with them to provide at risk children an opportunity to build resilience. Our Farming For Resilience program speaks clearly to the person I was when I walked out of Sierra Tucson August 28, 2016. There is hope.

This fall CCR offers the following :

Sept 4 - CCR begins its Farming For Resilience program. Weekly, with Symonds Elementary and Cutler Elementary.

Sept 9 - I begin education on Equine Related Learning. The course wraps up Nov 24 in Orlando Fl.

Sept 24 - Keene Lions Club speaking engagement at the Country Club. I speak on behalf of CCR Oct 15 - I speak to the National Alliance on Mental Illness again, on behalf of CCR

Oct 16 - Cooper's Crossroad and Cutler Elementary School co-host a community presentation of "Choose Love" - Scarlett Lewis at Monadnock High School

Nov 15 - All of Us and Cooper's Crossroad co-host "Angst" at Marlborough Elementary

And with all the chaos, confusions, joy and general wildness that this will bring, I am grateful.

Enjoy the cozy feeling brought on by the season shifting.



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