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Operation Farming For Resilience

Hard for me to believe that Christmas and the New Year are literally knocking at our door. Today Farming For Resilience celebrated this festive season by gifting the students a box of goodies tailored for them by our "Operation Farming For Resilience" elves. ​"Operation Farming For Resilience" began about six weeks ago with an idea. An idea that would wrap knowledge of the Farming For Resilience program into the Dusty Dog Farm community. Farming For Resilience slips in and out of the barn mid day on Wednesdays. Although it takes over the barn during those three hours, many of the folks who board their horses and take lessons at the farm were unaware of the program. Cooper's Crossroad decided to offer a opportunity for individuals in and around the farm community to sponser a child. The sponsers obligation was to fill a small box with things that would enhance the child's experience at the farm. Gloves, hats, foot and toe warmers, lip blam and small personal notes and gifts were all part of the suggested items. Operation FFR brought the program "home" to the Dusty Dog Farm family. The clients at, and friends of, Dusty Dog Farm showed incredible generosity. The Operation Elves were honestly overwhelmed, and the children grateful, for the beautiful packages. This project brings out the best in us. We allow ourselves to see a need and respond to it in a kind, thoughtful and generous fashion. The rewards are great. For the givers and the receivers. And this kind of gift regenerates itself. One of the students gave me a thank you card today. She is a quiet and shy. The card was anything but. Full of sincere gratitude, it made my heart full to read it aloud to the assembled. We may be facilitating this program, but I guarantee each and every one of us active in, or observing, this program are being rewarded. I KNOW I feel it every time a face lights up with an inner hint of resilience. Let the New Year bring more sources of resilience to one and all!

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