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I recently had the opportunity/need to clean out a desk in my home office. Clear sign : when you begin to find letters and notes from, not days, not weeks, not even months, but years ago. ​Yes. It was time. A fun, interesting, thought provoking and sometimes triggering project. It did not take long in time. But felt long in depth of time.

I dug through letters from my college roommate, who I have such gratitude for. She helped me feel "normal" in college. Helped me keep my head "above water". I found Distress Tolerance Cards : cards with clear suggestions on WHAT to do when your world turns upside down. (For example : Write a letter/card - Shifting the attention from oneself onto another can alleviate distress and emotional dyregulation). And I found notes from the seeds of Cooper's Crossroad. The beginning thoughts jotted down... of hope, deep passion and desire to help others. The theme always, HOW can I increase awareness of trauma, and help those who suffer around me? The notes that I take now for my education in Equine Facilitated Learning and Teaching clearly wind in to those early growing vines of Cooper's Crossroad. My refections while shifting through the desk are based on differing phenomenology. To be as illuminating as I can be : Phenomology is the study of experience and how we experience. Because all experience is individual, the same situation can be experienced completely differently by two people. Sensations, behaviors, imaginations, emotions and intention are all subjective and outline our personal world view. Thus my experience of "re opening" those memories, is different than the experience themselves. But with each memory, comes a smile, a tear or a sigh. As co-facilitator of Cooper's Crossroad Farming For Resilience program, my goal is to create a safe space for humans to experience, for themselves, the impact horses, art and farming can have on us. This phenomona clearly builds resilience, and often offers the type of memories that bring a smile to our face, even years later. So as we step forward, through these strange waters of COVID unrest and questionable economic wellfare; for yourself, find ways to experience the world that may bring a smile back. For others, add a smile to their day, it will be a positive lift, for you and the recipient. And I will push on raising awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences though the strong avenues of Cooper's Crossroad. Enjoy the seeds sprouting, the birds singing and I will enjoy an organized desk. All the best, ​Christina

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