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Birthday Gifts

I recently celebrated my 53 birthday. (I like to write down the years. It surprises me, and fills me with gratitude, when I take a moment to think about the fact I have made it 53 years!) My life is full of wonderful people, many of whom generously gifted me on this big day. One of them being a dear friend, Dan. This year he NAILED it in brithday gift giving. This gift is a container of "Beauty Gummies" (who would have thought beauty and gummies went together?).... clearly marked as follows "INSTA MOOD - B CHILL" (with a label like that, who wouldn't be thrilled?).

This awesome container is full of what to most would be sugar coated gummies. Not my favorite (honestly "Beauty Reece's" sounds just as good to me), but if what the container says is true, these treats are my next best friend. The label instructs you to take 2 gummies to "bust a bad mood instantly". The description, "A sweet blend of mood supporting vitamin B in a yummy gummy" is sure to pull you in. At this point reading the label, I thought about contacting the manufacturer to get a bulk shipment delivered. Following this on the label are some other tips on lifting your mood. All of which I love. : 1) Wake up early and say thank you for the day. 2) Gratitude is one of the best medicines. 3) Take deep breaths and visualize your best self when you feel your mood dropping 4) Do something kind for someone. Showing compassion for others has been shown to make you feel good. I will keep you posted on the validity of these fantastic treats, but in the meantime I will wake up and say thank you for the day, use gratitude every chance I get, use the brave breath, and show compassion wherever I go. May you do the same. Enjoy the days getting longer. All the best, Christina P.S. - Be sure to check out the great story Michelle Stephens wrote for us for Monadnock Table. We are always grateful when we are given the opportunity to share our story and our mission.

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