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Anxious Winter

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Winter appears anxious to arrive. I am not anxious for winter to arrive. At this point seasons go against my desires

Leaves are gone. The fields wait to be limed. And we all got a very real feeling to the up upcoming season with the recent bitter temperatures. And holidays approach. This year the short hop from Thanksgiving to Christmas is fun but intensifies heightening holiday feelings. All the good and all the not so good. Holidays bring layers of joy, sadness, excitement, loneliness and gratitude. And for many, it is a lot to take. The Farming For Resilience program is currently focusing on gratitude. We encourage the participants to focus on the things that fill them with warm feelings. And then voice those feelings using the pathway of gratitude. And for them, and us, it is a wonderful practice. During this season, invite gratitude into your life. Notice those things that make you feel warm. Acknowledge them to yourself, and others. Expressions of thankfulness boomerang back to us ten fold. And then we have even MORE to be grateful for! Share that with smiles, verbal acknowledgments, small tokens of gratitude. The practice will not only make you feel better but will also overflow to everyone around you.

Happy Thanksgiving!! All My Best, ​ Christina

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