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The Deepest Knot

Daily or weekly chores often bring an internal eye roll. 

Chores - a job that needs doing regularly enough to be somewhat boring and not making the list of "fun things to do" with time off. At the top of the list is laundry. A chore that, even IF you complete the job, the next moment the pile has magically accumulated again. Satisfaction out the window, the work begins all over again.

Most of you know, the bulk of my life is spent in a barn. I have willingly taken on laundry duty in the interest of maintaining a sense of barn cleanliness. Sure, folks help here and there, washing, drying, folding and wrapping the large amount of washing. The barn produces about two loads of laundry per day. 

So with this said, I believe that at age 57 I have gotten 10,000 hours of laundry practice making me an expert at laundry. I am not sure this would be valuable on a resume but it sure does give one time to ponder life lessons.

Horses get wrapped for all kinds of reasons: injuries, athletic support, protection - just like us. For those in the horse industry, and I'm sure in many medical or sport medicine fields, washing and rolling wraps is a daily job.

We wrap them and unwrap them. Wraps are often pulled off horses wet, rolled in a clump and thrown in the already dirty wet horse laundry. So imagine two sets of four, eight wraps laundered together then dried together...wraps and velcro becoming one massive knot upon knot - rolling and winding, knotting and twisting, the wraps come out of the dryer an intense puzzle.

Recently I slowly followed a wrap, unwinding the material, digging out the deepest knot. I could not help but feel a laundry life lesson coming (who knew lessons could be gained through laundry?)

The deepest knot in our lives. That knot that takes persistence, practice, patience and prayers to disentangle. The knot that we avoid for those very reasons. That life knot that has been rolled, knotted and twisted to the point of not recognizing what it is. That knot that takes more time to untangle than to tangle. 

Unfortunately, it takes way more time to disentangle life's deepest knot than the laundry's deepest knot. Fortunately, it IS possible to find life's deepest knot. The finding and organizing of that knot might not look as good as a neatly rolled support wrap, but it sure makes life a bit smoother.

What are your laundry lessons?

Enjoy Summer!


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