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Woolie's Wisdom

Woolie is a pet sheep at Dusty Dog Farm. He came to us as a lamb. Rejected by his mother (sheep are notoriously poor moms), I happened to be at the right place and in the right time to adopt a lamb. In other words, Woolie landed a cushy life for a sheep. He is loved by many and has nursed me through the recovery of one major surgery. He is an excellent listener. Although it does help that he can not speak English. When one gets to know Woolie, you can not help but sense his wisdom, kindness and nuturing nature.

Woolie walks with me, dogs and any friends that choose to join, (two or four legged) every morning around the fields of Dusty Dog Farm.

During these walks Woolie imparts wisdom. Following are some "life tips" from Woolie.

1) Be patient always. You never know what life brings. Patience is key to peace.

2) It is ok to let other people lead. In fact, it may just make your life easier.

3) Make friends wherever you can. Rewards come to those who are friendly.

4) Take time to nap.

5) Set boundries clearly. Although he does not recommend butting heads. Humans are too fragile for that clarity.

6) If you can not fit under a fence, kneel down and crawl. Sometimes we have change a bit to fit in places, and that is OK! Just as long as you don't loose yourself there.

7) Know your goals. Maybe snacking on birdseed (as Woolie does frequently) is not a goal for you, but goals sure do motivate anyone to move faster!

8) Show your gratitude. A happy call, a wagging tail or a smile works as well as anything. * We don't have tails, so leave that one out.

Woolie can be visited at Dusty Dog Farm. He resides with his two goat friends, Gigi and Bambi and his bestie, Velvet - a miniture horse. He speads most of his time comtemplating the world, and receiving visitors.

Enjoy the week.

All the best,


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