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Welcome Summer and Blog Vacation

Summer has come to New England bringing with it : hours of coaching, training, horse shows, camps, haying and WARMTH. So much fun.

On top of the usual summer fun, Cooper's Crossroad was welcomed on to Elm Farm June 1. Coincidentally, it was also the 15 y

ear anniversary of the day I stepped on to Dusty Dog Farm.

Elm Farm is under way with field regeneration, fencing, minor barn renovations and organizing volunteers to help as they can. We have 4 schools already scheduled to begin programs fall of 2021. With gratitude for this opportunity and awareness of the work involved, I have a long list of things that should get accomplished during the summer months. Recently I noticed that I did not have the time to write a bi weekly blog... and feel like I did a good job. I am elbow deep in work at Elm Farm and Dusty Dog Farm. I love every minute of it but it leaves little time for other activities. So until fall, I will be taking a break from the blog post.

I will look forward to resume blogging in mid October.

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful and warm season!

All the best, Christina

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