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The Origin of Cooper's Crossroad

For those of you who have curiosity about the origin of Cooper's Crossroad, the following should help clarify.

The seed of Cooper's Crossroad was planted the day I walked out of a 30 day inpatient program at Sierra Tucson for PTSD and trauma in August 2016. Having hit a hard low in my life, I was helped there with the loving guidance of friends and family, carrying baggage left from early childhood adversity and a laundry list of diagnosis's.

Then and now, I consider my time at Sierra Tucson "college on steroids". I am more proud of my "degree" from there than any other degree achieved to date. There, not only did I start on my own pathway of healing, but my education surrounding the negative impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on life spans was kick started.

As I walked out of treatment I clearly thought ; "I want to help others in this world who may, like myself, benefit from the knowledge that I had begun to gain."

The thought of starting a women's group slipped in to my mind.

I smile now when I think of that memory. Mostly because the day I walked out of treatment, I had no idea what it would be like to step in to a "new normal".

I had changed. My life had changed. I had no real grasp of the epic whirlwind that I faced settling in to "customary life" again.

But by spring of 2017, I had settled in to my "new normal". And as I planted my garden, that seed of desire to help others that I felt prior, began to germinate. And a woman's group did not feel "right". So I began talking in the barn about starting a non profit to raise awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Now, please note, I had NO IDEA really what it meant to start a non profit. I just knew I needed to do SOMETHING. So I plucked smart folks from my life and began asking them for help in my burning desire to raise awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

With that said in December 2017 Cooper's Crossroad officially became a 501 (c-3) non profit.

Our vision is to help build a healthier community by raising awareness surrounding the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences . We offer education, outreach, awareness events and programs, such as Farming For Resilience, to help build courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion in participants and attendees.

Lead by a passionate board, we have hope to increase our impact within the community, and reach beyond. Every hour, every day, year around I think about how to counter the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

For those who may face the ravaging impact of trauma and/or PTSD, I pray my story is one of hope and healing.

All my best,


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