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Nourishing Pressure

Sometimes I feel I put myself "on the spot" writing this blog. Each week I have a personal expectation. A goal to be creative, gain insight and share the ongoing activity in Cooper's Crossroad, and in our Farming For Resilience program. I welcome this feeling, this push to share ideas and thoughts. I find it nourishing. Even if I feel "on the spot". My personal "nourishing pressure".

Speaking of nourishing, I'm excited to share that a recent article in the latest Monadnock Table magazine has brought some very positive feedback to the organization. I would like to thank Michelle Stephens for writing a masterful article about myself and Cooper's Crossroad. And Kelly Fletcher for her skilled photography. Please check it out, if you have not already! On top of this welcome and wonderful publicity, the band and choral director of Monadnock Regional High School (as a way to make their winter/spring concert more meaningful to the student population) had students research and nominate local non profits, charities and organizations that make an impact in our community. After several weeks of presentations, Cooper's Crossroad (CCR) was selected as their organization of choice! We will be forming a collaboration between the students at MRHS and volunteers and supporters of CCR. Students will be visiting Dusty Dog Farm (home to Cooper's Crossroad current activities) to see first hand what we do, hear about the roots of CCR and meet the folks "behind the scenes. The spring concert will be a musical tribute to the work Cooper's Crossroad is doing melting the myth of trauma. All proceeds will go to CCR. I have profound gratitude to Rob Skrocki, MRHS choral and band director, for this wonderful way to wrap meaning into music! I am deeply touched, honored by and grateful for these opportunities to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and trauma. Each bubble of interest, each student doing research, each individual becoming aware of the work we are doing, moves me further into gratitude. Thus feeding my personal "nourishing pressure". May you all handle your own "nourishing pressure" with ease and peace. And enjoy the feel of spring approaching. All the best, ​Christina

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