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Mindful Insulation

Ask anyone I know, and they will agree (some with understanding) that I lead a mindfully insulated life. Mindfully insulated in a blanket of earth and animals...Dusty Dog Farm.

But even Dusty Dog Farm does not have enough insulation to keep out the world wide trauma being inflicted by Coronavirus. My heart goes out to the physical victims of this disease. Yet, each human, world wide, is being impacted emotionally and mentally. Some will take it harder than others. (Note the fact we have seemingly "run out' of toilet paper in this area, and gun shops are selling ammunition like a war is happening). This full on disease is a societal trauma, impacting each member. And whether we choose to stock up on things that we may (or may not) need, we are being tested. Tested for resilience and tested for compassion. Not a minor side effect of this are school shut downs. All the local schools are moving to online work, with good reason, reducing the risk of disease transmission. But are these children and young adults going to receive the education and growth deemed necessary? Some will, but my guess is many will not. Figuring out how to jump from going to school... to learning online is not an easy one. Most of us, myself included, have a hard time with change like that. And now we are asking a generation to do that, with little or no help. After all their parents are triggered hard. And yet, young brains are growing, taking it all in, trying to make "sense" of a world that shuts down education, for fear. Within the farm community, we are thinking of compassionate ways to lighten the lives of those around us...Monday we begin an educational day camp, during usual school hours, for children who want farm and horse time. Having compassion for how each person is dealing with this is important. We can help carry each others burden. For example, think of ways to bring a smile to someones face, or an idea to someones mind. Small acts become big acts as they get passed along. Small acts of compassion can change a day, a learning experience, a life. Resilience through a world wide shake down like this will come from individuals, families, and communities. Personally, I will stretch to find ways to help build resilience in myself and those around me. After all the "tools" are here, spring IS still coming. The tulips, daffodils and crocuses are pushing out of the soil and the garden is waiting to be planted. All this, a reminder of life, joy and hope. Please join me in rooting for resilience and culitivating compassion as the days move on. All the best, Christina

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