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Meet an Ambassador!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

At the beginning of the school year, we selected a group of people who had desire and interest in assisting with the Farming For Resilience program. This group of people has really done the "behind the scenes" work.... them and the horses. ​I am proud to introduce 10 year old Abella Trombley, one of the team. An avid horseback rider, effervesent and a gifted teacher, she has come every Wednesday with the Children from Synonds school to be one of the horse handlers. For those who do not know our equine staff, we have one miniture pony, Velvet, who she rides and handles regularly. Abella has been instramental in taking fear and doubt in the students and turning it to excitement and confidance. Sunday I asked her for an interview about her experience as a Farming For Resilience volunteer. The following are quotes and exerpts from the interview.

Me - "What is your experience like? And how do feel that the kids are enjoying it? Abella - "I feel like the kids LOVE getting out of school to learn elsewhere. They get to be around animals who are really good therapy. Geo (one of he students in the program) talks about Bambi (one of our two barn goats who is a GREAT therapy goat) all the time, even at school now. I get to be around the animals everyday and I know how wonderful they are. It is fun to see this happening." Me - "What is the mood like when they go back to school? " Abella - "Always the kids are really happy heading back to school. Farm therapy is the best." Me - "Do you get a sense of what the kids are experiencing? " Abella - "I feel like they are getting a lot of more happiness and I feel like it brings up a conversation. Some people don't have good talking skills, you could now they are able to express more, and have more to talk about. They then can speak about their experience to others." Me - "What do you feel good about, working with the Farming For Resilience program?" Abella - " I love to be able to help someone. Because it is kind of confusing if you are trying to get on Velvet and you are slipping off to the side. I am used to it and I can help. It feels good. Quote of the interview = Abella - "It really impacts the kids and that is really cool to watch."

I hope these few notes relay a bit of the strength of the Farming For Resilience program. We meet weekly, Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 pm. I love the program. And each session I see the volunteers, animals, staff and children benefiting from farming for resilience. ​ Enjoy the summer approaching,


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