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June 19, 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This week is the last week of our Farming For Resilience program for the school year. No doubt, I will miss it.

Jenna Bilby is one of our "in it all the way" volunteers for the Farming For Resilience program. Our FFR volunteers are a fabulous group of people, children and adults, who devote their time mid-day every Wednesday for this program. Jenna and her sister Lauren were here for every cold, wet day. And every warm, sunny day. To share their love of the farm and horses with the kids from Symonds. The following is an essay that Jenna (age 12) wrote about her experience: "Farming for Resilience is a horsemanship program for kids, and a community service. It helps kids cope with trauma by building skills in concentration, self control, organization and confidence. Volunteering to teach the kids has helped me learn how to explain horse care better. I have enjoyed getting to know the kids better, and watching them progress in their riding. The kids are always excited to come and ride! I have learned to be patient. I have been able to connect with younger children and get to know them better. I have also prgressed in my ability with handling horses. The kids have had a positive change in their behavior. They are more patient with the horses. If they show up and are having a bad day, after they ride they seem more happy. They love the horses so much! They have a wonderful time tacking up and grooming. They have a lot of fun riding and doing the activities. I enjoy seeing the children's excited faces when they ride. This program is a very good way to learn how to be a better teacher. It is very exciting for me and the kids! I am glad Christina is doing this program. It has been great fun for me and the kids, and I look forward to it every week!" - Jenna Bilby, age 12 I believe the program has strength that will push Farming For Resilience on to melt the of myth of trauma, for Jenna, for all the kids and for all of us Enjoy summer pushing hard our way!

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