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New experiences often open doors for us. New experiences involving large animals and non verbal communication pushes doors open hard for us. I have experienced this strongly in my life (being fortunate enough to have had a career with horses). And now I see it playing out in every Farming For Resilience session that I co-facilitate. The simplicity and beauty of witnessing connection, communication, empowerment and courage flowing between horse and human is currently one of my life's bright points. There is strength to be gained through the relationship between horse and human.

In our Farming For Resilience program we believe in nuturing this relationship, to support growth in courage, gratitude, forgivness and compassion. With tools learned through the program, we aim to enrich participants lives, enabling them to have courage when needed, have gratitude always, forgive when necessary and put compassion into action. All ages are taught these core ingredients in programs tailored for the individual or group. Stacy Linton, co faciltator of the program, and myself, Christina Major, using a core Farming For Resilience curriculum modify the sessions according to age, size, and ability. The horses are chosen for their outstanding ability to tolerate all different types of humans (small, big, anxious, calm, happy, sad, angry, withdrawn). They each are gifted with the ability to draw out anxieties, saddness, anger and fear. Thus creating peace, joy and happiness...things we all need more of. I have faith the horses enjoy the experience as much, if not more, than the humans. They, too, are enriched by the interaction...just think, fun and interesting activities that often involve kindness and TREATS! Each of us (who have are able) gain huge amounts from the touch of a horse. I am well aware that the power and peace gained from the interaction of horse and human creates power and peace within. Please help us to enable others to gain courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion by volunteering or donating funds towards this program. Enjoy the winter days sliding by! All my best, ​Christina

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