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Welcome to Cooper's Crossroad and our first blog!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

To begin, I would like to introduce myself, Christina Major, founder of CCR. This organization is one born of my life experience...A life with attachment disorder, toxic stress, sexual abuse, eating disorders etc., followed by an ongoing journey of recovery. These ingredients have built a burning desire to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and trauma. By raising awareness we can help build the bridges to healing for indivudals, families, and communities. Through awareness, action follows.

Cooper's Crossroad has grown leaps and bounds since its 2017 inception. We now host a variety of programs that raise awareness and provide resilience building skills to groups and individuals. Until now, I would post a weekly update of what the organization was doing to folks on a "Slack" app. Recently, one of the board members noted that POSSIBLY others might like to see what Cooper's Crossroad is doing as well! I do expect, and encourage, contributions to this post. What a joy it is to me to be working toward melting the myth of trauma. Thank you all for joining on our mission, just by reading the contents. Since my brain jumps from one thing to another faster than I can possibly keep track of, I will attempt to stay onpoint by bringing up the programs one at a time. 1) Farming For Resilience - In this weekly program we partner with Symonds elementary school in Keene NH. offering 8-12 children weekly farm therapy. The Attachment, Resilience, Communication children come to Dusty Dog Farm as part of their cirruculum Wednesdays, they all ride horses, participate in interactive lectures and tours and experience a drop of what a farm can do for a child. Stacy Linton, a star volunteer, generally heads up the interactive lectures and I teach horse skills. The long list of volunteers and horses make this program a HUGE success. The photos were taken last week when we got to ride outdoors for the first time this spring!

2) Our second annual 5K is coming up July 21, 2019!! If any of you out there enjoy walking or running, this is a beautiful course run entirely on DDF farmland. Click here for more information! 3) I have done a number of speaking engagements over the last two years. I find public speaking enjoyable and am super passionate on the subject of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and horses. So either work quite frankly. I speak next at a local high school, to the student body. Sue Maydwell, a Cooper's Crossroad board member, a knowledgeable and wonderful public speaker, recently spoke about Adverse Childhood Experiences, and their impact, at the Keene Public Library. She will take this presentation to groups and businesses. Brittany Baretto, PhD, another amazing CCR volunteer will be giving a lecture at the Health Museum in Houston TX, on the genetics of trans generational trauma as a CCR fundraiser.

4) We are now offering a Trauma Awareness Seminars Series monthly at the Keene Public Library. The first of which, An overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma, was March 28th, and given by Sue Maydwell. They continue April 25 with Finding the Right Therapist. How does Therapy play into recovery? And May 23, What is EMDR? I am really excited to see how this project builds. 5) I generally meet weekly with folks interested in what Cooper's Crossroad is doing...unsually in my horsebarn office, and usually in segments, as people tend to drift in and out. Volunteers, friends, those interested in adding a voice, etc. Fun. Please reach out to me if you have any interest in stopping by! I hope you all have a super week. Looks like spring is here. Horses are SHEDDING, I saw two crocuses yesterday....and the greenhouse is FULL of growing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ​ All my best, Christina

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