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Cooper's Crossroad had its annual Miles Towards Melting the Myth of Trauma last Sunday. I can not help but focus this blog on gratitude for the volunteers that helped make this 5K x-country walk/run such a success. Beginning one year ago, on the afternoon of our first 5K, planning and organizing this event began. All year this fundraiser has been on the minds and lips of the board members and volunteers. Sponsor requests began in the spring. Work began weeks ahead of time to prepare the farm and trails. Mowing, weed wacking, marking trails, making sure mileage worked, pulling together and setting up the awards, setting up the physical space, preparing food and water stations, filling gift bags for the participants and much more... I feel extreme gratitude that the mission of the organization shines through so clearly at times like this. We are working towards our mission ..... raising awareness of trauma....and fullfilling a vision, bringing it to the public. Each of the volunteers brought their special gifts to the day and the participants seemed to shine (not just with the sweat from running or walking in the heat!). As announcer, I smiled the whole morning.... I recruited kids and adults to cheer on the finishers. We whooted, laughed, cheered, clapped, and danced. It felt like a Sunday celebration. A Sunday celebration of raising awareness of trauma. Through knowledge, action follows. We have knowledge....that trauma and adverse childhood experiences change lives. We are now following it with action, through events such as this. I look forward to the second phase of the fundraiser - our 5K Horseback Pleasure Ride, Sunday July 28,2019!!! Stay posted for upcoming awareness events!!

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