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Forgiving February

February is a month of freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and ...days lengthening. Already the sun is waiting a little longer to set and soon the "feel" of the coming spring will be lingering in the air.

February reminds me of forgiveness. To explain, currently forgiveness is a topic in the forefront of my mind as Farming For Resilience focuses on it week three of seven, AND it is February. I live in New England. It is cold here now. To have the need to forgive, someone must have wronged you. Being hurt (however it happens) is painful, cold, icy feeling, blinding like a white out. Like February. Also like February, forgiveness shows hope. Hope of warmer temperatures. Hope of the weight of cold, pain or hurt being lifted. Hope of joy found in forgiveness. Cooper's Crossroad Farming For Resilience program provides a platform for individuals to learn skills promoting physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Building competencies, like forgiveness, that guide participants to lead productive lives for many years. I have experienced my share of Farming For Resilience benefits strongly in life, being fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with horses and outdoors. Now I see it playing out in every Farming For Resilience session that I facilitate or co-facilitate. The simplicity and beauty of witnessing connection, communication, empowerment and courage flowing between horse and human is currently one of my life's bright points. There is strength to be gained through the relationship between horse and human, and between farm and human. In our Farming For Resilience program we believe in nurturing this relationship, to support growth in courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. With tools learned through the program, we aim to enrich participants lives, enabling them to have courage when needed, have gratitude always, forgive when necessary and put compassion into action. Please stay tuned, forgive often and enjoy the lengthening days of February. All my best, ​Christina

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