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Cord of Frustration

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Remember a time you felt anger, frustration or stress? Are you frustrated because something did not work out the way you wanted it to? Or overwhelmed because a task seems too big or complicated? Or hurt by the actions of another? These feelings are like a cord. This cord ties you to the incident, person or situation that is creating anger, frustration and stress. When we are "tied" to that feeling, we can not move forward, or help the people we might want to.

What better way to release these feelings than cutting a cord that is binding you? We all have the ability to make this choice. The holiday season often motivates us to change our awareness, to help others and maybe (?) to cut the cords of frustration. Maybe there is the neighbor you have wanted to help for a while, now is the time to do it. Maybe a friend is in need of some extra attention, or a distraction that you can give. Maybe a special gift will lighten the mood of a loved one, or put a smile on their face. There are many ways that we can choose a path of thoughtfulness. Not only does it help us to change the way we might look at things, it also helps those around us. A thoughtful gesture warms the hearts of the givers and receivers. And a ripple affect starts. Among the many benefits of this practice is the ability to forge forgiveness when cutting a cord of internal distress. The act of forgiveness releases us from the anger, frustration and fear. Forgiveness leads to freedom. Freedom comes in many ways. Positive thinking, a clear head and heart, happiness and the ability to find a clear direction. To maximize your experience in life (we could all use coaching for this!) try the following: Choose to cut the cord of anger, frustration or stress. Give yourself positive feedback...for example if you feel like a task is too hard, or that you can not do it the way you imagined, try saying to yourself "I can do my best", "If I make a mistake, its ok! I can try again.", "I feel happier and healthier when I let go of anger." When we focus on forgiveness, we forge freedom. So this week, consider cutting cords, forgiveness and thoughtfulness. All my best, Christina

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