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Choose Love

Fall has been wonderful here in New England. The colors were spectacular (until an epic nor-easter moved through). The days warm, and with little rain. All things that I am very grateful for. Gratitude, hard and important to achieve. And a focus of the current Farming For Resilience program, thanks to the Choose Love movement and curriculum. This week I was honored to introduce Scarlett Lewis, founder of the "Choose Love" organization, to a welcome crowd the evening of Oct 16, 2019 at Keene State College. She spoke about her organization and its mission of choosing love no matter the circumstance.

What does that mean? GOOD QUESTION "Choosing love means having the courage to be grateful, even if things are not going your way; to forgive, even if the person who has hurt you isn't sorry; and to step outside of your own busy-ness to help someone else... It is not always easy to do, but it can become easier over time with practice - because we actually have to train our brains!" (Scarlett Lewis) This is the material we are teaching the children in the Farming For Resilience program. After Scarlett Lewis' key note presentation Wednesday evening, I looked with a microscope at my behavior. And realized that I need to Choose Love. I work hard at my emotional, mental, physical (welllll.....too much chocolate lately BUT......) and spiritual health. But I see work to do. Feels like I just had a good riding lesson. As a life long teacher (of horsemanship), I believe in the process of learning. We all have learning to do. And I still take lessons in riding. As much as I allow myself the pleasure. I work hard at living a wholesome life. And I still have lessons to learn. ​I planted bulbs this afternoon, looking forward to the time that they all push towards the sun...feeling grateful for the hope of that future. And grateful for the lesson of Choosing Love. Thank you, Jesse and Scarlett Lewis.

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