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ACE Science

Just over two decades ago the first groundbreaking study on ACEs (Felitti et al., 1998) documented the contribution of early life stress and trauma to negative mental and physical outcomes across life spans. ACEs science provides factual evidence on the importance of breaking the intergenerational cycle of early life adversities. Effective prevention strategies necessitate a multi dimensional approach involving families, communities, educational institutions, justice, and healthcare (Berens et al., 2017; Chartier et al., 2010, Oral et al., 2016). Recently I was given a book. I love books. When I am able to focus and sit long enough to get in to it, I will read for hours. This book titled "Adverse Childhood Experiences...Using Evidence to Advance Research, Practice, Policy and Prevention". It is not a book that "takes you away" from everything. In fact, seems just the opposite. It dives in deeper in to "everything": in this case - dives in deeper to how trauma and adverse childhood experiences negatively impact life spans. It is written by some of the foremost experts in the fields, and stretches the readers mind, while facilitating recognition and circulation of "ACE relevant" information. It is a page turner for me. To be honest, a slow page turner, but intensely fascinating and enlightening. Just to give you an idea of the depth of information covered in the book, there are chapters titled "Effective prevention of ACEs", ACEs and trauma-informed care", "Safe, stable , nurturing environments for children", plus more which cover in detail the path of research that Adverse Childhood Experiences is on. As I read this material I can not help but think of Cooper's Crossroad's Farming For Resilience and Pathways to Wellness programs. I pray these programs contribute to participants health and wellbeing. For now Cooper's Crossroad is dedicated to offering educational platforms to raise awareness regarding the affects of adversity and trauma, providing customized equine facilitated and farm activities to improve health outcomes. For now, I will continue to walk the path of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion, aspiring to give people tools to build their own foundation of healing from trauma and PTSD. With gratitude for opportunities of healing, Christina

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