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A Year in Review

As I sit looking forward and looking back at this still young organization, I can not help but be in awe of the work being done to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and trauma. This year has held its share of challenges and achievements. With the backing of all of the board members, volunteers, and passionate voices of support, it continues to build strength.

2019 began with a few bumps as we adjusted to our elected roles. I "fell" a few times. Tripping over those bumps. But dusted off and pushed on. A constant feeling of not being able to do enough to support the work this organization is doing, is now a feeling I am used to. This is not a mission for the light hearted, fast paced or for those that need immediate fulfillment. My leadership, delegation and communication skills have been pushed. I continue to challenge myself to grow in those areas, trusting that even minor shifts will help. Speaking engagements have been steady all year within the local community, from Keene, Chesterfield, Swanzey, to Peterborough. Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, NAMI support group, and schools... to name a few. We have been active in collaborating with other like minded organizations, on the local (MCVP is a powerful and valuable partner here in the community) and national (Acadia has been a valuable resource) level. My "spare" time is filled with thoughts and research on how to put more strength into the work we are doing. Our annual 5K, although a brutally hot day which cut numbers, was an overall success. Sponsors were generous and participants, once again, were thrilled with the masterfully put together course. The following weekend brought the 5K Pleasure Horseback ride. New to our schedule, this event was the biggest horse related event ever held at Dusty Dog Farm with 47 participants. It was well attended, well liked and brought a different way to raise awareness of trauma. Movie screenings of "Broken Places" in Keene and Peterborough gathered audiences of all ages in the hope of drawing more attention to the science and reality behind childhood adversity, and what we can all do to combat it. Our weekly blog, an idea bred early in the year, has been a source of knowledge, inspiration and CCR "news" bites. Farming For Resilience (now working on trademarking) is half way through the second year of work with two local schools, one more being added Jan 2020. The initiatives under this title of Farming For Resilience are growing as we speak. As I look to 2020, I trust that the structure of Cooper's Crossroad is strong enough to support further growth.... I see fundraising and financial wisdom as necessary steps to increase our reach. With the combined strength and wisdom of all who have contributed and all who hope to contribute, I have faith Cooper's Crossroad will push more toward awareness of childhood adversity and trauma in 2020. THANK YOU ALL Christina

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