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A Grateful Thanksgiving

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I am so grateful for the unseasonably warm weather we recently experienced in New England. ​I have faith it will help carry us through the up coming winter months. Winter. Short days, cold, ice, snow, and now COVID. Really not a good conbination. Even skiiers, usually so ready for the winter to come on, are feeling the crunch of COVID. Specificlly in travel restrictions. How do you get away skiing for a day/weekend if two week quartine is necessary on either end? Not many can take off a month for a weekend away. Then...WHAT?? Thanksgiving is canceled in various states.

It is beyond my understanding how Thanksgiving can be CANCELED?? How do you cancel thanks and giving? Wake up one day. Look in the mirror and say "Nahhhh, I'm good. I don't need to be grateful for anything." WHAT? And who made THAT decision....Maybe the person giving up on gratitude? So on the subject of canceling Thanksgiving. OK, Thanksgiving is known as the holiday most traveled for. BUT this HAS been an exceptional year. Agreed? And I believe everyone has even a small education on the virus. And most have a very stong opinion on the subject. We have all gotten used to the drill of face masks in public places and hearing the usual about symptoms and cautions. And we have gotten "used" to staying home more. So, I have a thought. Instead of making Thanksgiving about travel. How about we make it what it really is. A day dedicated to thanks and giving. Maybe post gratitude statements on social media? Or gratitude for special moments that you can think of from 2020 (Despite the pandemic, I hear "good" out there. For example, feelings of gratitude regarding how communities and families are closer and how outdoor sports have become a "thing" for all of us again). Take time to reach out to loved ones in the way we can now. And enjoy the time of peace. It will for sure be a different Thanksgiving. But I invite you, whatever the wildness out there, to celebrate Thanksgiving...with deep and pure giving and thanks. With deep gratitude, ​Christina

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