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A Grand Adventure

The creek on the farm holds ALL kinds of charm. And we have all kinds of ways to access it. Among the many hidden treasures on Dusty Dog Farm is "Dusty's Beach". This beach, mind you, is NOT what most think of as a beach. For me, it has all the qualifications : sand, water, the sound that water makes when it moves, a "unique to water" smell and maybe best of all, a natural source of clay. Said beach was the grand adventure destination that the Farming For Resilience kids had last Wednesday.

New England has had a wet and chilly spring. So when a hot humid day hit on Wednesday, I decided that water and clay would be a different and engaging experience for the kids, and the FFR staff. That it was.... one student said on the way back from the beach later , "this was the best day of my life". Please recall, these kids are at the farm for an hour. ​I gave away nothing to the children when they got off their bus except to say that for the first time we would not be riding...riding was to be repalced with a GRAND ADVENTURE. We spent time grooming their favorite horses, and giving them treats to thank them for their work. Then off we went on our GRAND ADVENTURE. If you read last weeks blog you were introduced to the Dusty's detour. We took the detour on foot, rambling through the pastures to the beach. Shortly after, shoes came off, pants got rolled up and the laughter began. The clay is found on a bank over the creek. It is glorious to walk in, as is the creek. I can not even get close to describing how the experience literally made the kids glow. Well, actually many of them, myself included were covered in clay, wet and working together to build a castle of clay, glowing.

​That castle of clay, even after big rains, is still there. I check on it every morning as I walk my dogs (and goat). I hope that the resilience skills these children are aquiring here are as stable as the clay castle they built.

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