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2020 in Review

Good bye 2020 and Welcome 2021. I believe I can safely say most of the world population is looking forward to the New Year. Without over stating the obivious COVID 19 impacted our world in catastrophic ways. It held Cooper's Crossroad "back" in some ways but as with many things, there has been a silver lining. This year has been monumentally moving and a year of strong growth for the organization. Kenny Ballard, President of the CCR Board, I want to thank you in particular for your countless hours, unbelievable work, compassion, leadership and vision. Thank you for having belief in Cooper's Crossroad's mission to raise awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. The board has pushed towards trauma awareness within the community and now beyond, with an increasingly "frontward view" to the world. Through the work that Cooper's Crossroad is doing, resilience is growing in individuals, families, schools and the community. 2020 has been a challenging year for sure. But despite all the COVID 19 restrictions, we have been able to continue forward with our mission and vision.

*2020 has seen the addition of 2 new schools to the Farming For Resilience program. *Our curriculum (6, 7 and 12 weeks) has been "captured" in easy to access form. *Farming For Resilience has been trademarked.

*We were able to host our one "COVID safe" fundraiser, the 5K Pleasure Ride. And we have continued facilitating Farming For Resilience sessions throughout the pandemic.

*We have a volunteer training and preparation process in place.

*And we have an incredible social media intern, moving the organization in to 2021 with a stronger social media presence.

Plus more. Our board has done the WORK to enable Cooper's Crossroad to dream big.

*As we move in to 2021 we plan to add another program, Pathways To Wellness, to our line up.

*Farming For Resilience will continue to grow. We have five schools planning on beginning the program again in the fall of 2021.

*We are mobilizing to increase our reach.

*Plans to increase our financial and human resources are well underway.

*Campaigns to enable donors to support a particular need is being developed.

*AND, for longer term goals, an adjustment in physical space is needed as we are out growing the current location.

So THANK YOU so much to all the supporters of Cooper's Crossroad. You are all helping to raise awareness of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Happy New Year,


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