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Our Wish List

Thank you for considering to help by purchasing one or more items on our wish list.

This list was last updated in January 2023. For questions please email us.

We are currently in need of the following supplies:

- 1-2 pitchforks 

- 2-wheeled wheelbarrow 

- 4-5 hula hoops 

- orange safety cones

- PVC poles in assorted sizes 

- PVC pipes (4" and 6" diameter): 6', 8', 

  10', 12', and 15-16'

- rubber mats 

- 3 head lamps

- some extra horse-sized halters 

- weather-resistant sandwich board

KHS - farming for resilience (18).JPG

Contact us directly for the following projects:

- Tractor

- Brush Hog


  • Photographer or videographer to take pictures or short video clips of our animals and events

  • Motivated, active board members to help us raise money

Thank you for your ongoing support of our organization! Cooper's Crossroad is a 501(c) (3) 100% volunteer based organization. All proceeds help to support our programs and initiatives, and goals for future growth and sustainability.

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