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Sue Payton

​Raised in the state of New York, Sue Payton graduated from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 1973, after which she married, moved to Connecticut, raised her family and lived there for over 40 years—all while working part time at law firms for several dynamic attorneys (an education in itself!). Along the way, she served on committees for many youth activities and on the board of the Folly Farm Classic Benefit Horse Show, which raised many thousands of dollars annually for The Hole In The Wall Gang charity.
When she and her husband (an attorney and devoted father and grandfather) retired full time to the Keene area three years ago, she followed her passion for horses and a desire to give back to the community. This led her to Dusty Dog Horse Farm, the original physical home of Cooper’s Crossroad, and its founder, Christina Major.


Sue says: Christina’s mission and vision are infectious and I found myself getting involved on a regular basis with the organization and the program that has evolved into Farming For Resilience. The achievements of this small but growing organization are felt throughout the Monadnock region. The recipients and beneficiaries of its work are the many children and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives and have been helped by the healing work of the Cooper’s Crossroad family.

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