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At Cooper’s Crossroad we’ve been able to make great strides with our programs, but it’s all because of the support of friends and donors like you, helping us provide quality care for our horses. Your sponsorship and selfless giving will allow for further growth of our valuable community programs!


On average, the basic care for each horse amounts to $250 each month. We invite you to consider a monthly or annual sponsorship in honor of one of our horses, which will contribute towards the cost of hay, feed, hoof and dental care, vaccines and deworming, prescription medicine and needed supplements. 


Just like our equine herd at Elm Farm, our sponsorship levels vary. If the actual cost of care for that equine is ever less than the sponsor amount, any excess will go towards the care of other horses on the farm. No donation is too small, every dollar counts!


We’d love any help you can provide, and we know that our program participants and our hard-working horses will be grateful.

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“You can become an advocate, partner and friend by sponsoring one of our horses at Elm Farm.”

Christina Major – Founder


Soul Sponsor, $250+/mo.: as an exclusive sponsor of your horse, you fund all basic expenses for them, including feed and routine care. In the event your horse needs emergency care, we will give you the first opportunity to help with the additional costs.

Hero Sponsor, $200/mo.: be a virtuous champion for your horse.

Warrior Sponsor, $100/mo.: be a noble knight for your horse.

Angel Sponsor, $50/mo.: be a heavenly saint for your horse.

Guardian Sponsor, any amount up to $50/mo.: be an honorable steward for your horse.

Thank you for considering a sponsorship. We are able to raise awareness and reduce trauma through our programs because of our community and supporters like you!


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