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Very Hard... Very Necessary

Honestly I have been rooting for resilience and cultivating compassion very mindfully this week, almost to annoying levels ...if you ask the staff at DDF... trying to fight the flood of Coronavirus. Now that push feels a bit like trying to stop a broken dam ...with pebbles. The water is rushing over, despite the last ditch efforts to stop its force.

COVID-19 is real, and real scary. It seems our world human population is under attack. Attacked by an invisible enemy. And left with no defense. Everyone is scared. And if not, likely will be soon. The impact of this has already changed all of us. And all of us will continue to change. I made a move this past weekend I never thought I would do. Turn down the business at Dusty Dog Farm doing what we can to stop this flood. I shut down the riding lesson program, J.V team, Varsity team, Saddle Club, Farming For Resilience and all other gatherings at the farm and let go of 80% of the staff. The farm seems a bit of a ghost town, to those of us used to seeing it bustle. The decision was sickeningly hard (I mean, who wants to literally shut down a bubbling business?), and very necessary. I have kept up with world, national and local news. I hear from P.A.s, nurses and doctors how intense and terrifying it is on the "front lines" of this. Little to no protective gear is available... and the virus is marching on in. I will continue to root for resilience, by helping those around me keep up with the tides of this disease. We CAN each do our small part to make this easier on those near and dear to us. For example, texting and calling does not transmit this disease. So try to stay connected. Take time to enjoy the outdoors, if you can. Stay in an exercise routine, (even if it is walking up and down stairs three times). And laugh, or at least try. All these things can help build resilience. And during times like this....resilience is an awsome weapon. I will be planting in our farm greenhouse this week... cultivating compassion, sunflowers, thyme and tomatos. I look forward to the ideas and plants that sprout. I also look foward to a time when our world is not frozen in fear. Stay safe everyone. All my best, Christina

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