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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I continue to be floored at the fast pace that Cooper's Crossroad is keeping. The blog, traditionally is meant for mental ramblings will change this week... I'd like to give any one who reads this an idea of the movement of Cooper's Crossroad. We are working on week four of our Farming For Resilience program. Running (for the volunteers) from 12-3 every Wednesday school is in session, children from Cutler Elementary and Symonds Elementary come for an hour stuffed with resilience building skill education, both on horses and on the ground. Each session I facilitate, I see clearly the confidance, strength and courage gained from these experiences. Cooper's Crossroad and Dusty Dog Farm are thrilled to be hosting Meredith Cherry and her mount, Apollo, at Dusty Dog Farm for a night or two. This remarkable pair has crossed the country together to raise awareness of domestic violence. What a great way to share the reality that domestic violence is closer to home than most of us dare think. As awareness is raised, action is geared up. Thank you Meredith and Apollo. Our schedule is PACKED full in the upcoming weeks. On top of the weekly Farming For Resilience programs, we look forward to the following : October 15 - National Alliance of Mental Illness speaking engagement October 16 - We are thrilled and grateful to be co hosting (with Cutler Elementary) Scarlett Lewis at Keene State College. Scarlett lost her son in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Through her own process of healing she chose love and is now driven to share with the world that no matter the circumstance, one can choose love. Her organization, Choose Love, has had world wide impact. November 15 - Cooper's Crossroad and Marlborough Elementary School will be co-hosting a community showing of "Angst". Child care will be provided to make it available to as many as possible. November 18 - Cooper's Crossroad and the Peterborough Community Theater will co-host "Broken Places". I am so grateful for all the work being done to raise awareness of trauma through Cooper's Crossroad and beyond. And yet I feel and see the need to do more. For all the volunteers and supporters of this, and other like minded missions, I thank you. Enjoy the bright beauty of fall, ​Christina

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