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Welcoming Spring...

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hello all,

And for those in New England, welcome steadily warming weather. I know we all look forward to the green glow on the fields and trees.

Cooper's Crossroad has had another busy week. And we are grateful to add more ears on the subject! Thank you for taking the time to help raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and trauma by reading this post.

The week was high lighted by several moving moments.

​1) Farming For Resilience - notable was the work once aagin done by Stacy Linton. She led the "field" by having a clear lesson plan for the children surrounding how horses express emotion. (Side note...would it not be nice to have that clarity in our life...a wonderful teacher telling us how to read emotion in others!). This was all done with illustration and drawing, on paper and with horses. She walked the students through this with clarity and kindness. It was a huge hit with the kids. The children also each rode in a lesson...solidifying steering of the horse with a handler first and then having the independance to do it on their own, if comfort allowed. For those who are unfamiliar with horseback riding, this is a FABULOUS and EMPOWERING experience for any human being. For all the volunteers (there are many) and the horses (kind rewards help) this is a looked forward to weekly program.

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