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Grateful Together

This month often brings gratitude into clear vision for many of us in the states. Thanksgiving, although seemingly often lost to its elder sibling, Christmas, calls all of us to be grateful for the gifts so many of us have.

I literally walk through my days being grateful for the minute to minute "gifts" I have been given. Even right down to being grateful FOR walking.

Side note: I have twice lost the ability to walk (serious injuries). So the ability to walk actually REALLY feels like a gift. Instead of just something we all do.

Gratitude is the focus of the second, of four, units for our Farming For Resilience program. Courage, forgiveness and compassion in action round out the year. We began our work on gratitude this month with the FFR participants. And I am already feeling the ripple affect. Along with the courage these participants are gaining, the lessons of gratitude will lay another layer of resilience down in their lives.

With all this being said, I am grateful to say, Cooper's Crossroad is kicking off "Operation Farming For Resilience" Resilience Packages. In an effort to include the community in the program, we are offering an opportunity for individuals to donate to participants of the program. CCR has purchased clear boxes to be filled with goodies for our students. Ideas include cozy socks, gloves, hand warmers, toe warmers, hot chocolate, gloves, lip balm, a craft item, card or a hand written note, etc.. Each box will have names with a photo image of the student.

Any questions? Ask myself (Christina) or Stacy Linton (co facilitator) for help... 603-852-8029

Gratitude comes in all packages.

Think it.

Live it.

​Give it.

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