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Grateful For This Opportunity

Cooper's Crossroad's Farming For Resilience program has a new venture! This week we begin a three week program with Keene High School's North Campus. We are looking forward to kicking off this program Wednesday morning, December 11, with 6-8 students.

In the meantime, the elves of Farming For Resilience are hard at work putting together sponsered gift boxes for the 24+ program participants. These gifts will include things that will help students enjoy their experience at the farm. Toe and hand warmers are a particular favorite. We are deep in the segment of gratitude (I love that .... "deep in gratitude", shouldn't we all be?). An exercise I recently did with the students on horseback was certainly heartwarming. I thankfully had an "extra" volunteer that was able to take notes and thus I could "remember" the quotes. What follows are quotes from a handful of our students. I asked the students to think of one thing that they were grateful for while they were on horseback. Here are some responses: "I am so grateful for getting to ride horses" - Danny (who I believe is a cowboy wannabe!) "I am grateful for the horse handlers" - Lily (We have an incredible group of volunteers. The individuals with the horses, I refer to as "horse handlers". These folks, both young and old, help guide the students safely through the grooming process and most often lead the horses during the sessions). "I am grateful for this opportunity because not everyone gets it." - Cassidy (HOW TRUE! Cassidy is a quick and eager student on horseback...and she nailed it, not everyone gets this opportunity!) "I am grateful for being on a horse." - Jayden (YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, I, too, say it every time I get on a horse! Jayden is new in our program and is already reaping the rewards). "I am grateful to not be in the wind." - Ethan (Thank goodness we have a small indoor space to ride. Winter wind is bitter, yet we have the privilege of protection from it. Ethan noticed, as do many!) "I am grateful to come every Wednesday." - Angelina (The regular routine of the program, the fact that it is PART of these student curriculum weekly, sets up a feeling of safety and security. Don't we all need that in life?) "I am grateful for horses" - Hayden (A very very passionate young horseman. He would ride constantly, if he could...and echos exactly my thoughts....I too am grateful for horses. Without them, we would not be able to do this work). ​I could go on and on, but I feel sure you get the point. This is so good for the students, volunteers, facilitators (as one of them I can vouch for that!), staff and onlookers. On that note, pull gratitude into YOUR life by asking yourself "What is one thing I am grateful for?" All my best, ​Christina

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