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Edge Your Garden

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Edging a garden is important and tedious work.

I am an amateur gardener (VERY amateur), I became clear recently that it is easier to edge when weeds and grass are young. The bigger they get, the more roots sink in.

At the farm we have a huge garden. It is beautiful and abundant…and weeds happen. Just as weeds happen in our lives. This evening as I edged the garden, I could not help but see the analogies.

This week is the first of two Farm Camp weeks at Dusty Dog Farm. Three of our Farming For Resilience children were granted scholarships to attend the camp.

As I edged the garden, I saw the edging happening for the children in the program. With the farm, edging happens naturally in all of us.

Boundaries are important. Even a garden needs them...the edges. How are we to know when the yard ends and the garden begins?

Boundaries with humanity are equally important…. more so… to be real. All of us require edging. And weeding.

Weeds grow, in the earth and in us. Boundaries become unclear. And as the weeds gain strength, edging becomes harder. As we age, edging becomes harder and we are less likely to tackle them.

Farming For Resilience is based on this. We can all benefit from edging….and more impactfully at a young age.

Let us help garden this community. All of us carry weeds and edges that need care. Many of us have the capacity to weed, edge and plant a garden of health.

Please join with us to grow a healthy community. Edges, weeds and all.

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