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Dusty's Detour

Short paths wander all around the farm. One path is particularly intriguing as it follows the wanderings of a full and bubbling creek on the farm. We call it "Dusty's Detour", and it leads me again, now to this blog post. I have placed signs on either end of the detour to alert all of the path’s choices.

We all take detours in life. Often, unknown roads beckon us ....and new experiences are felt on these detours. Scary, often. Rewarding, mostly. Detours have the ability to allow our brains to stretch. The "Farming For Resilience" program could be labeled many things. For me it is a detour. Exciting and scary, rewarding beyond all, this detour has been a game changer. And my brain has (and does weekly) stretch. Each week, as the program grows, the joy, strength and resiliency taught is written clearly on the faces of the children who attend. To be clear, the animals, land and environment are the teachers. We here at Cooper's Crossroad are simply the guides. This detour has become more traveled. We are now in the process of collaborating with Cutler Elementary in Swanzey NH.

Fishtailing onto our existing Farming For Resilience curriculum with Symonds Elementary, the new students will be guided and supported by the current FFR students. The "Farming For Resilience Teamwork" program will help to build future leaders; in this program, in our schools and in our communities. This summer, Stacy Linton (who has been "the other half" of the Farming For Resilience weekly program) and I will be pulling together a Farming For Resilience curriculum. Our goal is to replicate the program, for our use as well as others’ use.

This detour seems to be leading to a main road. I will place signs on roads leading to this detour for all to see. Keep your eyes out for detours. They are exciting. Let summer begin, Christina

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