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Pathways to wellness

The Pathways to Wellness Program utilizes Equine Facilitated Learning and support to provide wellness and team building opportunities on a local and regional level.
With the elevated state of stress and anxiety, the opportunities for additional support are here!


Cooper’s Crossroad's goal is to launch “Pathways to Wellness” in 2021.  Built on the proven success of the Farming for Resilience® program, we are excited to be expanding our reach to community members by offering equine facilitated activities to individuals, families, groups, and organizations to assist in their journey of healing from trauma or childhood adversity.  Cooper’s Crossroad recognizes the importance of collaboration and supports a multidisciplinary approach to individuals and groups participating in equine facilitated activities. We intend to collaborate with outside agencies, clinicians, and support staff in an effort to customize a suitable program for participants.  We are currently piloting two programs this spring. We hope you stay tuned to Cooper’s Crossroad upcoming expansion of our services this year.