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Seeking Miracles

Anxiety and insecurity flavor all of our lives right now. Like it or not, during the day and at night, it is hard to avoid the taste of fear. I sat down to type this with the realization that all of us are flooded with information on COVID 19. It is tragic, scary and very real. The worldwide impact is mindblowing, and will continue to be. Mostly because humanity has never fought a battle like this.

​So, I am choosing to focus on a few of the miracles that are happening daily here at Dusty Dog Farm. Hopefully, it will bring a bit of light to your life, and a smile on your face. Things we all need during these times! Miracle #1 : As I walked out the farmhouse door for morning feed Wednesday, the cows started mooing LOUD. They generally do that when 1) hungry or 2) there is something exciting happening. I knew that they had PLENTY of food (seriously these cows eat like royalty). So I hoofed it out to see what was up. I followed the mooing into a pine grove in their pasture, and found a beautiful, wet, active male calf...recently born..and mom, Bagel, surrounded by dad, uncle, aunt, grandma, last year's sibling and cousins watched across the fence....eveyone was there welcoming the newest herd member. There are few things that are as sweet sounding as a cow and her new born calf. Never mind how insanely cute these little things are! The Dexter breed (which are the cows here at the farm) are small by nature...and their calves could be a Douglas Toy stuffy. Soon a name was chosen, Brantley..and he and his mom, Bagel are currently housed in their "nursery". Tucked in hay, surrounded by the other herd members, Brantley grows daily and is hilarious to watch as he attempts bucking. The yearly newcomers to the herd always bring joy. This year Brantley is ready to spread some of that much needed joy. Miracle #2 : Last fall I got quite ambitious planting bulbs. I did not count the EXACT number. Best guess is 1300. Yep. I got ambitious. There was some doubt among clients and staff whether these bulbs would make it through the winter...without becoming food for critters, squirrels to be exact. We have a healthy squirrel population, and they have few enemies. Other than one dog, Carlin, who has recently felt "called to duty" guarding the garden. No squirrel in their right mind puts the garden under seige when the guard is on duty. Now most have been keeping their distance. I watch the garden closely. Ten days ago I was thrilled to see unidentified things push up out of the rich soil. This week crocuses began blooming..tiny lavender, purple and yellow drops of color decorating the waiting earth. Tulips, crocuses, hycinth and daffodils inch up each day. I am waiting for this miracle to continue literally coloring life at DDF. Miracle #3 : Each morning I walk with various species...goats, sheep, miniture horse, dogs, humans, around several fields and to the creek. In the past week, it has become clear to me, and my herbivorie friends, that grass is coming! Swatches of green are beginning to decorate our fields. Soft green, tiny buds make the underbrush look ready to welcome a deeper spring. I can not help but smile as the goats and sheep vie for the luxury of early grass. This miracle will continue giving daily now. Despite the ceaseless layer of fear currently washing over us, miracles ARE happening daily. We can choose to seek them out. In fact during these times, it takes courage to seek them out. Courage to seek out the miracles that are out there... for us all to find. Try to find a little daily miracle that can counter the taste of fear with the scent of hope. To your health, and your miracle. Best, Christina

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