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Seeds of Happiness

I have recently been elbow deep in garden care Easy to imagine. After all it is mid summer in New England. And EVERYTHING is growing. Weeds included. ​As I weed the garden, I can not help but see the analogies in life. am sure that many before me have used these same analogies. "Seeds of happiness" comes to mind immediately .

I hope to be a part of throwing seeds of happiness daily. A smile, a laugh, a kind touch, taking time for each moment (no matter how fleeting), this list could go on and on. I also hope to pull weeds of saddness. And care for the soil ... so plants , and people, grow with the resiliency we all need. Today, we had a Cooper's Crossroad meeting to prepare for next weeks Miles Towards Melting the Myth of Trauma 5K. The incredible team here met to do a run down of the responsibilities we have to prepare. As we spoke, I was struck by how fortunate we are. We get to plant the seeds of trauma awareness. We are fortunate enough to have built resilience. And with that we are full enough to guide others to do the same. Please help us make this unique 5K to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and trauma a success!

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