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Choose Love

In our Farming For Resilience and Pathways to Wellness programs we teach courage, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness through the use of horses and the outdoors. It is a small program with a powerful punch.

The programs braid the Choose Love doctrine with horses, art and nature. "We have a choice in every interaction to choose love through courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. Choosing love can help us understand and embrace diversity, overcome challenging feelings and circumstances, and build up our confidence. It can help is to get along better with others, to be more connected, to be more effective on teams, and it can help us to achieve our goals. It can help us lead happier and healthier lives." Choose Love.

I, for one, am always looking for ways to be happier. And this works. I have been soaking in this information since first hearing founder, Scarlet Lewis speak at a conference in 2017. I was deeply inspired by her and since have tried to live "Choose Love" as much as I can, sometimes successfully.

Now well in to our fall programs, I have gotten to know the students. Although the program is only an hour each week, the notable positive change in participants social and emotional state makes my heart full.

One student in particular stands out. Week one of our fall sessions, K was asking about volunteer opportunities. Week two, K persisted, as did her mother (who was badgered by K until she called me). By week three, K had a volunteer training and a Elm Farm tour with Mom. Now at week four, K is volunteering two days a week. Responsibilities include ; feeding, grooming, and mucking - basic afternoon chores for five horses. K's smile has widened, voice stronger, a spark underfoot and a lift of the shoulders. I wish this for all the participants : To smile larger, feel more confidant with words, simply to feel more confidant. To walk with energy and to stand tall.

It seems a magic combination of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion taught by horses and nature to produce such invigorating results.

Enjoy the lingering leaves and seasonal sunshine. All my best, Christina

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