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A Mindful Presence

We host a half dozen (at least) birthday parties here at Dusty Dog Farm a year. Each has its different flavor and expression. Most of them are AWESOME get togethers for the young (or old if you are me) horse lovers. Horses, outdoors, smells of hay and grain, moving in a free way, running through the grass (or snow)...essentially feeling the health of the something to celebrate for sure.

Numbers of party participants vary...I believe 24 was the high. Levels of enjoyment also vary. Generally interest is piqued and enjoyment had. Most leave with a smile.... and a bit of mud.

Sunday we hosted a special birthday. For an adult, who I have been working with for 8 months. She is developmentally different than many of us. As I see it, she simply experiences the world in a parallel way. It certainly does not limit her ability to enjoy the world around her. Clearly noted in our society : our developmental level, intelligence, physical strength, beauty, percieved power, financial ability.... in no way affect our levels of happiness.

As I puttered around watching this birthday guest enjoy so fully her experience. I felt the personal pull often felt during Farming For Resilience sessions. So few, so fully enjoy the minutes passing. We often are ridden with anxiety, fear, and hate leaving us unable to touch the mindful minute. And unable to focus, learn, and embrace the experience.

I hope that Farming For Resilience, a daily walk, the caring touch of an animal or a friend ... allows you to fully enjoy the minutes passing. Life offers so much. And yet many of us are left driven by anxiety and fear, leaving us unable to grasp the straws of mindful presence.

My hope this week is that we seek out that "thing" that allows us to fully experience the precious moments of our lives.

Enjoy the peace of the New Year,


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