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Michelle Bourassa

Michelle Bourassa was raised in Keene and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree from Keene State College. It was at College that she learned to value community, engagement, and wellbeing. During and after college, Michelle worked in multiple customer service roles: serving ice cream, selling computer IT products (not her fave), to later becoming a Correctional Officer. It was as a this position that she began to realize that she had a desire to help people and wanted to help them see their true potential ... "more than just an inmate."

When that realization hit, Michelle knew that she needed to move forward and to return to school. At this time, Michelle got a job working at Franklin Pierce University as an Experience Director. Her role was to help oversee the students' experiences while on campus, to help educate them and foster growth through living with peers. It was Franklin Pierce that introduced Michelle to service work. This engagement in service work and education continued to fuel her motivation to become a Mental Health Counselor.  


Six years later and having loved every minute of her time at FPU, the pandemic hit. Michelle decided to head to warmer weather and new adventures, so Florida it was. Michelle enjoyed the diversity, the life, and all the energy that Florida had to offer, but it wasn't New Hampshire. 

Following two years in Florida, Michelle realized there's no place like home and moved back. She then scooped up the job as Case Manager at Cheshire County Department of Corrections. So far things are going well, she greatly enjoys getting to work with local partners towards a common goal for those incarcerated to integrate back into the local community successfully. One of her roles as a Case Manager is to also sit on the Treatment Court Panel. 

Michelle was previously a member of the Keene Rotaract Committee and is in the process of applying to be a Keene Rotarian. She has offered her help on multiple projects such as: Operation Elves, Thanksgiving in July, the DeMar Marathon, and more. She also volunteers at the Keene Community Kitchen, serving food to the community. 

She looks forward to seeing Cooper’s Crossroad and its participants develop and grow. Fun fact: Michelle is allergic to horses, but that doesn't stop her. She loves the farm and is happy to be on the board. 

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